Termilight Rolling Titan


The Termilight Rolling Titan is the most versatile and safe UV-Clean system on the market. The Rolling Titan is eSAFE-Approved and Powered by the Philips industry leading UV technology. Rooms are made safe from the spread of viruses and bacteria within as little as 15 min, and devices and tools in under 5min (based on distance).

Simply wheel and position the Rolling Titan to any room or surface that requires disinfecting, adjust the T-Arms to focus in on your desired surface, turn it on with your remote and walk away. The standard-equipped shut-off motion sensors will ensure everyone is always at a safe distance, and will shut off when anyone gets too close.

With over 10 different virus eliminating configurations to maximize the UV-Clean light spread, viruses and bacteria do not stand a chance.


  • Rolling T UV-Clean stand
  • 2x 36W UV-C Clean Lights
  • Shut-off IR motion sensors
  • 30-min shut-off timer (adjustable on order)
  • On/Off remote control

Product Dimensions:

  • Hight: 59 inches
  • Both arms at full extension: 107 inches 
  • Base Dimensions: 30 inches x 24 inches

Maintenance: Your UV-Clean bulbs require monthly maintenance to ensure peak performance. Your TERMILIGHT care instructions are included in your owners guide. If you'd like TERMILIGHT to maintain your Rolling Titan to ensure safety and performance, packages begin at $144/month

Delivery Time: ROLLING T's are made on order. Delivery will take between 4-6 weeks of order date.

NOTE: Always remember to keep eyes and skin away from direct contact of UV rays